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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let's experience the 5 Realms of Human Life #freezemob

Assalamualaikum. selamat petang.

First of all, congrats to AEDian (architecture students), CFSIIUM, for giving great cooperation between us together,  the AEDian. subhanallah alhamdulillah !perrgh the awesome freeze mob that we just done just now *at luch hour*Actually this is my first time doing the FREEZEMOB* again, FREEZEMOB not flashmob. * flashmob pernah lah,buat kat secondary school dulu* As we froze, the surrounding/atmosphere/condition at the central spine began silent, abruptly. it's like krik krik krik.. Everyone was freezing, until the second whistle was blew. We froze for about two minutes.

Freezemob venues were at 
1.Central Spine
3. London Bridge
4. Post Office
5. Celpad

The purpose of this freezemob is to promote our event which is organized by AED society called  IDEA in conjunction with Raudah Festival or RAFEST. 

This event is called "5 ALAM". It is about 5 realms of human life that we had experienced and will be experienced. there are "alam roh>alam rahim> alam dunia>alam barzakh> alam mahsyar". Anyone who is interested to join, you can get the ticket on the spot at the mentioned place. Sounds interesting right? Come and join us, every one is kindly invited. 

Venue : Annex205A , UIA Petaling Jaya/CFSIIUM
Date : 15th & 16th February 2014
Time : 8.00 am- 11.00 pm

RM3 per entry

Don't miss this golden chance!
I'll be waiting for you!
See you:)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The prodigious power of "Are you O.K?"

Assalamualaikum, i just opened MyEnglish website. After reading the entries, i found one interesting story which were written by a few students in conjunction with creative writing. It was about a mute person who had been robbed. 


A can accidentally being hit .
“Shhh… Do not make any nonsense sound! He is there. Keep quiet!” A guy scolded his colleague while pointed his finger towards Mr.Mat, their victim. The sounds of the leather shoes, “flip-flop-flip-flop” had made those guys eager to accomplish their mission. “ I can smell money from here” One of the guy seemed can not control himself to attack Mr. Mat
Those two guys had planned to rob Mr. Mat, the tourist. When there was nobody around they started pulled Mr. Mat to the alley and pushed him against the wall. They a bit surprised that there was no single voice from this man. He just struggled to escape from being their victim. One of the guy lost his patience and beat him merciless and violently. Mr. Mat mumbled something but there was no single voice from him. Suddenly both of the guys laughed because they just figured out that Mr.Mat is mute. They robbed his purse and his expensive Milan coat that was made from animals fur. “Goodbye looser! Ha-ha-ha.” They left him alone in the dark alley.
Mr. Mat felt so scared because he had nobody here. He can not even stand up because he lost his energy. His was extremely bleeding. “God, please help me” he monologue. After a few minutes, someone passed by and he gained his energy to seek for help by raising his hand up. It seemed that guy refused to help him because he just left and ignored him. He might thought that Mr. Mat was a filthy beggar. After a while, another guy with fully suited attire passed by and once again Mr. Mat’s attempt to seek for help was useless. He felt very disappointed.
All of sudden, Abdul Samed saw Mr. Mat and felt curious about him. He was lying on the ground in the dark alley and Abdul Samed thought it was a dead body. He came closer to Mr. Mat and
“Are you okay mister? What had happened to you?”
Abdul Samed the Arab guy asked him worriedly because he saw Mr. Mat’s forehead was bleeding. He figured out that Mr. Mat is mute because he used signs language.
Without any room of doubtfulness, Abdul Samed rushed to the nearest public phone and called the ambulance
“Hello 911, there is a mute guy here. He seems like a tourist that have been robbed and his forehead is bleeding. Come here and hurry up!”
Abdul Samed gave all the information needed and a few minutes later, an ambulance sound can be heard from far. Abdul Samed helped Mr. Mat stood up and gave him drinks because he is totally weak. All of sudden Mr. Mat fainted and his vision became blurry. An ambulance arrived.
Finally, Mr Mat got his treatment. When he was in conscious state he was looking for Abdul Samed but the doctor advised him to stay still and have a good rest. Mr.Mat saw Abdul Samed’s name card besides his table and the card was written “Get well soon.” Mr. Mat smiled and monologue,
“My next trip will be in Arab country”

-the end-

This story reminds me of one of the "iklan" on the telly (tv3), did you remember?

What we can learn from this simple interesting story is:
Our attitude/behavior/respond describes our nation especially to the tourists who visited our country:)
Sometimes, the question of "Are you okay?" can change everything.

get it?;)