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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tremendous Knowledge, It's IELTS

hye stalkers and readers! How do yo do? Alhamdullillah..

Tonight I'll share to you, especially for those who'll take IELTS. As we may have already known, at least we must get band 5..but it is better to get more than 5 right? yea, i know that we can do it. Bear in mind that, God helps who helps themselves, so why not we put an effort in getting the best band. hey, are you still with me? ok , let's focus to my topic today :)

For those who want to get band 6, you are encouraged to look and read the band 8 & 9 essays. better not to write a very long essay, because that would bring you into more trouble. Make an essay which is so so, can be understood by examiner also don't forget to add many VOCABULARY . But remember, use the vocab with the suitable words and sentences. I also going to sit an examination at the end of this month. Pray for me ;) This link probably will help you a lot, visit

From there, you can get samples for IELTS for every band. There are also speaking and reading test.So ,what are you waiting for? go and grab this golden chances! Good luck! anything to share? just leave your comment here. Thank you