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Thursday, July 25, 2013

E-learning improves English Language proficiency

This essay has been edited by me but not all the sentences are created by me. It has been marked by my lecturer and it's very useful to university students (university essay's format). There are a few sentences, i picked up from internet sources. With my pleasure, i'm going to share to you about this familiar topic. Even though, this is not a very superb,awesome essay but i'm sure you'll gain something benefits after reading this. I hope you guys can make it worth.

Format of essay for university
(not less than 250 words)

1.INTRODUCTION (don't forget to state thesis statement)
2.BODY PARAGRAPH (2 points ; each point ussually contains 5 sentences) 
3.CONCLUSION (restate thesis statement)

simple right?

E-learning improves English Language proficiency

             The English Language is the universal language of the world. It allows many people from diverse backgrounds and different countries to communicate with one another using one common platform. Nevertheless, only certain people are good in English. Many of them improve and gain benefits in their English Language proficiency through e-learning. Therefore, i strongly believe that e-learning improves English Language proficiency in terms of being the language tool and for communication skills.

               Following the topic to be discussed, it is undeniable that e-learning is one of the most powerful tool that can be immediately available to us. At the first stage, people will develop their English Language proficiency through reading English articles. It helps to visualize authentic vocabulary and grammar. After they finish reading, they will look up unknown words in dictionary. As a result, they learn new words and gain more knowledge. Accordingly, I am convinced that e-learning improves English Language proficiency.

                Furthermore, instead of reading and writing, listening is also a part of learning. One's can improve their pronunciation by just watching videos. To illustrate,by listening, they try to pronounce the words twice or more until they get used of it. Additionally, learners can pick up some bombastic words and phrases to be incorporated in their daily usage of English, while e-mail,chatting or skype with their friends. Although online chatting uses many short forms and non- formal English, but it still can be understood until they improve their confidence level to interact with other people. For the aforementioned reason, there is no doubt that e-learning can improve English Language proficiency.

                In brief, e-leaning is very convenient for us especially in improving our English Language  proficiency. Hence, let us grab this golden opportunity to learn online classes which are available free with multitude of topics. Trust me, there will be no regret after using e-learning because it will promise us a better future. Again, let us all change for a better life.

You may use bombastic connectors to advance you essay.  

Theartofanimey for today

That's all from me, if there's any correction,suggestion, or addition, kindly leave your comment. I really appreciate it :)